Friday, January 15, 2010

Manager Rant!

I got another ‘dissatisfied’ survey report on a work ticket.
Essentially, it was for turning in the work ticket 2 days after the work was done.

The work was done on the day it was requested.
The customer was contacted.
The customer expressed appreciation.
The customer was told what to do if a follow up was needed.

But the ticket was turned in 2 days later… for this the customer was dissatisfied?!?!?

And my ‘manager’ did not in the least back me up?

In managements eyes, the works not done till the paperwork is done.

But you and I know that’s B.S.

What’s the most important part of the work ticket sequence?
That’s gotta be 99% of what is important about the work ticket.  The last 1% is the paperwork.
As far as I see it, this is a management failure to see what’s really important: that the work got resolved!
I accomplished 99% of what’s important, and failed 1%.
Let’s not forget all the tickets I’ve turned in without any ‘dissatisfied’ survey response, most of those were ‘late’ too!
Ninety Nine Percent Success!  That’s an A+ at any school!
I should get back pats, not berated!
You’d think a good manager would know when to back up his employees.
Oh well, I guess a good manager is too much to ask for.