Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bike upgrade update

I finished installing the 8 speed Shimano Hub a couple weeks ago. I didn't find it very hard at all... but then most folk would say I'm rather mechanically minded.

So, how is it? Well... the gear range is great, 1st gear is as low as I need it for hills, and I don't think I've ever needed 7 or 8. I just don't prefer to go that fast. On the down side, the shifting is not quite as perfect as on my Novarra Fly-By. On the Novarra, I can shift literally whenever I want: at a stop, or even while grinding it up a hill. But on my Nishiki, it often just won't shift while I'm pedalling. I just have to stop pedalling, then restart, then it shifts fine. I consider this just a minor annoyance considering all the benefits. Overall, I'm very glad I undertook this upgrade. I learned how to build a wheel, and install an internally geared hub. :)

Next upgrade? I probably should replace those original tires with some quality Schwalbe's.

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