Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike to Work Day, 2009!

My local 'start' point rally was across from White Flint Metro. I got my free t-shirt! :)

They had music, breakfast food, coffee, raffle for prizes every 10 minutes, and the final raffle was for a new bike. One of the sponsors who runs a bike shop had 2 electronic assist bikes for folk to try, he wanted our opinion. I really liked the one that had the 'BionX' electronic upgrade kit on it. I'll have to look into getting one and maybe installing on Julie's old Raleigh.
From those test-rides I also found out how NICE saddles with springs are! whoo boy! comfy! :) So now I'm pretty sure I'd like to save up for that Brooks saddle with the springs, the Flyer.

Anyway, from there I went south to Bethesda metro like I've done in the past. Then onto the Capital Crescent Trail for a beautiful ride into DC. From the end of the CC Trail, I had a bit of trouble finding my way to the Lincoln Memorial, but from there I went along the mall to the National Gallery of Art, then North a couple blocks to work. Wow! I did it!!!! 19 miles. I enjoyed EVERY mile! I'm going to have to do that again!

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