Saturday, June 7, 2008

Politics? Question All!

Capitalism. Socialism. Communism. Anarchism. I'm sure there are many others.

It is often assumed that we live with capitalism in America. I seriously doubt it. It's more like corporatism. The corporations have way too much influence in the government. A corporation is legally considered a 'person', with all the protections given there-in. Phooey.

A corporation is NOT a person. You can't shake hands with 'em. You can't even spit on 'em. Their power allow way too much influence with the government. Giving the corporation the equal value of a person was one of the biggest scandals in American judicial history.

We are all a brotherhood. Perhaps we should share all? But if we are all to share everything, then where is the incentive to excel? Does it come from inside? Will a person desire to excel in brain surgery? Will enough people desire to pursue the important craft of plumbing? Will there be a sufficient number of people farming, to feed everyone else? Perhaps a 'central control' could make sure these requirements are met. How can be sure that central control isn't corrupted?

Capitalism to the rescue! ? Looks good on paper, in reality, it's a mess. Those with power and wealth tend to retain it and at the same time tend to smash the lower classes to keep them down. The fewer competitors the better. The little people can eat cake. If they have what it takes, they'd make it. But they don't, so screw them.

Enough for now...

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