Monday, May 19, 2008


Planted 5 cloves of garlic in the deep box of the salad table. Just grabbed some out of the fridge, poked a hole in the soil and dropped in a clove, point side up...

The greens are supposed to be pretty good, not as strong as the clove itself.

Also did some thinning this morning in the salad box.

Saturday I made a trip to Behnke's to pick up a new sweet pepper and cuke seedling. They went in the Earth Box #2. I don't like the looks of the other cuke, a leaf is browning and curling up. And it doesn't have a leaf to spare! Maybe it's too cold still for cukes? Night time temps still drop into the upper 40's.

The bush beans are coming nicely, had 6! Too many for the space, it was kinda sad to thin out such nice looking seedlings.

Harvested more mesclun for my sandwich, from the Mom's mesclun bunch I planted a couple weeks ago.

No sign of the peppers in the salad box. But I read that germination could take 10 to 25 days...

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